As the world unravels around us, we tend to gravitate to the comfort that a familiar routine brings. For me, that’s baking and so we’ve decided to start opening the bakery every Saturday morning to provide fresh bread and baked goods to our neighbours in the 452. We’ll keep this up for as long as we can. Suppliers don’t deliver here at the best of times, so looking forward who knows what will happen, but we’ll take it week by week.

Birken House Bakery will be open every Saturday from 9am-noon until further notice. We prefer that you order online, so we can minimize waste and the time you need to spend here, and the cut off for orders will be noon on Wednesday.

There are three options for payment. You can pay in advance by e-transfer, or at the bakery where we will have contactless payment (tap). We’ll also put out a cash jar for those who prefer to pay that way, but we will not be able to give you change, so please bring the exact amount.

There will be no access inside the bakery, but when you arrive just give us your name and we’ll put your order outside on a table for you. We’ve been in contact with Vancouver Coastal Health and are following their recommendations (observing hand washing recommendations, sanitizing the table frequently, etc.)

We’re starting with a limited bread selection and will be rotating in a few new products and old favourites. If there’s something you’d like to see us try, send us a message and we’ll do it if we can.

Stay safe, stay sane!

Eileen and Michael